Property:        All Properties Owned by the Kansas City, Missouri School District


The undersigned has been advised that Block Real Estate Services, LLC (“Block”) has been retained on an exclusive basis by the owners of the above referenced property (“Owner”) with respect to the offering for sale of the property indicated above (the “Property”).  The Owner has indicated that all inquiries and communications with respect to the contemplated sale of such property be directed to Block.  All fees due Block in connection with the sale of the Property shall be paid by Owner.  The undersigned hereby acknowledges that it is a principal or an investment advisory in connection with the possible acquisition of the Property and agrees that it will not look to the Owner or Block for any fees or commissions in connection with the sale of the Property.  If the undersigned is acting as a Broker, Agent, or Finder, it is acknowledged that all compensation will be paid by Purchaser, and in no event shall the undersigned be entitled to any compensation from the Owner or Block.  The undersigned also hereby acknowledges that it has not dealt with any broker, other than Block, regarding the acquisition of the Property, or if it has, the undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify the Owner and Block against any compensation, liability or expense, arising from claims by any other broker or other party the undersigned had dealings with (excluding Block) in connection with the sale of the Property.


Block has available for review certain information (“Confidential Information”) concerning the Property.  On behalf of the Owner, Block may make such Confidential Information available to the undersigned upon execution of this Confidentiality Statement.  The Confidential Information is intended solely for your own limited use in considering whether to pursue negotiations to acquire the Property. This is not an agreement to sell the Property, nor an offer of sale.  No agreement binding upon the Owner of the Property, or any of its associated or affiliated companies, shall be deemed to exist, at law or equity, until the Owner of the Property enters into a formal binding agreement of sale.


The Confidential Information contains brief, selected information pertaining to the Property, and has been prepared by Block primarily from information supplied by the Owner or the Owner’s agent.  It does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all the information that a prospective purchaser may desire. Neither Block nor Owner make any representation or warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the Confidential Information and no legal liability is assumed or to be implied with respect thereto.


By executing this Confidentiality Statement you agree that the Information provided is confidential, that you will hold and treat it in the strictest of confidence, and that you will not disclose or permit anyone else to disclose the Confidential Information to any person, firm or entity without prior authorization of the Owner and Block, except that the information may be disclosed, as needed to evaluate the potential purchase of the Property, to your partners, employees, consultants, legal counsel and lenders or pursuant to a court order.  Owner expressly reserves the right in its sole discretion to reject any or all proposals or expressions of interest in the Property and to terminate discussions with any party at any time with or without notice. If you do not wish to pursue acquisition negotiations you hereby agree to return the Confidential Information to Block.


Indemnity Statement

In pursuing its duties, Broker relies on the accuracy of information supplied by the Seller and Potential Buyers.  Broker assumes no responsibility for accuracy of such information or for errors or omissions.  You, as a Potential Buyer, agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Broker and the Broker’s affiliates and their agents, partners, officers, directors, contractors and advisors against any damages, losses, claims, liabilities and/or lawsuits to which any of them may become subject in connection with any transaction or contemplated transaction with the Kansas City Missouri School District, this Agreement or caused or alleged to be caused by the acts or omissions of Seller, including payment of all reasonable attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses incurred by them arising from or in connection with any action or claim made in connection therewith, whether or not resulting in any liability, except in such case where loss, claim, damage or liability arises from the gross negligence or willful misfeasance by Broker.  Provisions of this Section shall indefinitely survive termination or expiration of this Agreement.  It is understood that Broker will not give legal, accounting, tax, investment or securities advice, and that you are to utilize separate counsel for such guidance. 


Agency Terms & Commission Schedules

You may register a co-broker (the “Co-Broker”) as your agent.  You agree that Co-Broker shall follow the same Terms and Conditions you have agreed to and you may be held liable for any breach of these terms by your Co-Broker. Effective January 1, 2014, you agree that any compensation paid to Co-Broker shall be the responsibility of you, the buyer, and that you and the Co-Broker agree to indemnify Block and KCPS against any compensation, fee, loss, liability or expense, including attorneys’ fees, arising from claims by Co-Broker or any other party you or the Co-Broker has had dealings with, excluding Broker, in connection with the proposed transaction.  The Co-Broker agrees that it will not discuss the Property with any other party other than the Registered Potential Purchaser or Tenant and that it will not distribute the information or excerpts to any other party.  The Registered Potential Buyer/Tenant acknowledges that it is a principal in connection with the purchase or lease of the Property and the Registered Potential Purchaser/Tenant hereby agrees that it will not look to Block or KCPS for any commissions, fees or other compensation in connection with the sale of the Property.  All requests for information or questions regarding the Property shall be directed to Block.